Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Exhaust ventilation fans are mechanical devices designed to remove contaminated or stale air from a room, house or building, and then carry fresh air back into the space. These fans are the cheapest and most efficient way to ventilate a living space.

Benefits of Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Ventilating areas where you eat, sleep, work and live not only helps prevent vicious diseases, but also preserves the condition of a house. Here are the major benefits of installing exhaust ventilation fans:

Save Energy Costs

Aside from the benefits of exhaust ventilation fans listed above, these fans can also help reduce energy costs, particularly during the summer and within areas prone to humid weather conditions. Since the fan can help remove heat and humidity indoors, you won’t need powerful air-conditioning systems to cool your home, resulting to lower utility bills.

How Do Exhaust VentilationFans Work?

Two types of exhaust fans exist – the ducted and non-ducted types. The ducted exhaust fan, which is best for keeping indoor air fresh from pollutants and humidity, work by sending smoke, vapor, pollutants and even bad odors outdoors via a duct. Non-ducted exhaust fans, which are the only options for rooms that cannot accommodate ducted systems, work by filtering air via charcoal before releasing it back to the living space.

Other types of exhaust fans are categorized into mount types (such as ceiling mounted, wall mounted or exterior remote mounted) and location where the fans are to be installed (such as attic exhaust fans or kitchen range exhaust fans).

Exhaust Fan Installation Tips

Installing exhaust fans is a straightforward procedure. Anyone can follow instructions from the pamphlet included in a unit. However, before you buy just any exhaust fan, you need to consider the size of the area that needs ventilation since a regular fan won’t work effectively in a large space. When you decide on installing a unit on your own, ensure you keep the duct’s diameter the same from one end to the next to ensure the fan works to its maximum potential and avoid grease build-up on the duct.

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