Types of Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Exhaust ventilation fans not only help preserve your home by preventing molds and fungus formation, they also avoid health problems like asthma, headaches, allergies and other breathing-related diseases.However, not all exhaust fans can fit your particular living situation, so it is important to learn about the types of exhaust ventilation fans when choosing a unit for your home or business.

7 Types of Exhaust Ventilation Fans for Home Use

  1. Wall-mounted Exhaust Fans – Ideal for people who want to install the unit themselves, but prefer not to do major carpentry or wiring. These units are installed to an external wall of the house, which allows stale air to exit through the unit’s fan.

  2. Ceiling-mounted Exhaust Fans – Probably the most popular of all types of exhaust ventilation fans is the ceiling mounted units. It is installed from the room’s ceiling, which often passes through a roof soffit or the attic.

  3. Inline Exhaust Fans – In rooms without space for other types of exhaust ventilation fans, the inline version works perfectly because it is installed between the ducting.

  4. Exterior Exhaust Fans– It is installed similarly to a wall-mounted unit, but exterior fans emit minimal or no noise from inside the house.

  5. Combination Exhaust Fans – Ideal for new homes, combination exhaust fans may include a light, heating system or other features with a single unit.

  6. Bathroom Exhaust Fans– Since these units are one of the most bought exhaust fans, they are quite affordable. Most bathroom exhaust fans work once moisture (from bathing or washing) goes into the room, triggering the fan to remove excess moisture.

  7. Kitchen Exhaust Fans – Often installed over the kitchen stove, these fans effectively remove smells and moisture made from cooking.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

WIf you’re opening up a restaurant, catering business, industrial plant, car service company and even factories, industrial exhaust fans should be a part of your interior planning. There are several types of exhaust ventilation fans for industrial use, each working differently to remove bad air indoors.

Buying Considerations

Regardless of the type of exhaust fan you need, whether for home use or business use, you should take note of several considerations before buying a unit.

First, check the materials used on the fan. If you will be using the fan 24 hours daily, go with metal housing to avoid overheating and possible fire. Another thing to check is the exhaust fan motor. Generally, units with heavy-duty motors are safer, but they do come at a higher price.

If you’re not sure about the exhaust fan type to buy, go for branded units. Check out reviews for energy-efficient units, if you’re concerned about exhaust fans adding to utility bills.

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