Cost of Exhaust Ventilation Fans

The cost of exhaust ventilation fans varies largely depending on the type, size, brand, material, installation method, and other factors for your specific use. Be aware that you may need to prepare more money if you want fans with heavy duty motors or industrial exhaust fans, and if you are installing a new unit.

Cost of Exhaust Ventilation Fans: Unit Prices

Here are the current unit prices of home-use exhaust fans:
  1. Wall-mounted Exhaust Fans –Wall mount exhaust fans go as low as $25 for a Broad 671, to something as high as $190 for the Panasonic WhisperWall fan

  2. Ceiling-mounted Exhaust Fans – Unit prices of ceiling mounted fans range from $30 to $200.

  3. Inline Exhaust Fans – Prices of inline exhaust fans start at $25 for a four-inch or six-inch unit, with prices going as high as $2,000 for FanTechbrands.

  4. Exterior Exhaust Fans – Exterior fans are priced higher with units starting at $55 to over $300.

  5. Combination Exhaust Fans – Two-feature (light/fan, heating/fan) combo fans are available starting at $45, while three-feature units (light, heating & fan) go for as high as $270.

  6. Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Simple units with plastic casing are sold in the $30 to $70 price range, while those with special features (such as no-noise, energy-efficient, or combination) may go as high as $300 for Panasonic brands.

  7. Kitchen Exhaust Fans – The cost of exhaust ventilation fans for the kitchen may range between $20 and$300, depending on the features you need.
If you’re looking for industrial or heavy-duty exhaust fans, the unit prices may also vary between types. If you’re buying more than one ring exhaust fan, tube axial fans, or roof extractors, go directly to manufacturers to enjoy bulk pricing.

New Exhaust Fan Installation Costs

Aside from the unit price of exhaust fans, other tools needed for the installation could contribute to the cost of exhaust ventilation fans. If this is a new unit, prepare tools like a layout square, tape measure, drill-driver (to cut duct hole), jigsaw (to cut holes for the wall or ceiling), wire cutter, ladder and goggles.

Before starting a project, make sure to buy wire nuts, electrical cable, cable connector, soffit vent, connector duct, wall cap kit, sheet metal duct elbow, and a foil duct tape. These extra costs may add up an extra $100 to $200, depending on the brand you buy.

If you’ll only be replacing an old exhaust fan, you’ll need a tape measure (to identify the size of fan you need) and the new unit.

Maintenance Cost of Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Like any mechanical equipment in your home or business, exhaust fans also need some maintenance. Industrial and heavy duty exhaust fans may require the help of professionals, but those with fans for home use can avoid maintenance cost of exhaust ventilation fans completely by following several preemptive measures.

To keep your exhaust fans like brand new, make sure to tighten belts of belt-equipped fans, since this can affect the efficiency of an exhaust fan. Make sure to clean the fan blades regularly and remove dust or dirt accumulated to improve airflow and avoid overheating.

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